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By: ClonesCloud | March 17, 2018

Music has been in demand by the people from any corner of the world since ages. Nowadays, on-demand music has taken the troll on the internet. People demand music online at any time and anywhere. Irrespective of the activities they are doing, music is a must for people nowadays. People are habituated to listening music on the go during their day-to-day operations. To quench this excessive thirst for music by the public, various websites are available where numerous music composers and providers who serve the public until they get full with the dose.

Spotify Clone

Looking into this matter of such skyrocketing popularity of the on-demand music industry, we at ClonesCloud have built a melodious Spotify Clone Script that is capable of empowering the entrepreneurs with kick-starting with their rare and unique online music website and serve their users.

Let us now dive into the five marvelous features of our Spotify Clone that will work wonders for your online music website business:

  • Most compatible:
Ours is an entirely compatible Music Portal Script that works very well in modern browsers and operating systems. It is built using latest technologies like PHP, Ajax, MySql, CSS, HTML5, etc. that makes it highly competitive so that it operates smoothly like butter in every type of browser and operating system. It is a hassle-free online music marketplace. It lets you enjoy a responsive design for your music platform.

  • Secured payment system:
We have integrated Paypal, a very safe mode of payment that is being used the world over. This has a very systematic way of making the online payment. The users have to get registered on this system. After they get the approval, they get their ID no that is unique to them only. So, when they enter into any transaction, they can use their ID number and make the payment very safely without the fear of losing their money.

  • Advanced music search option:
Our Music Portal Software has an advanced search option that lets your users search for the music according to different categories like music genre, singers, country, name, etc. It becomes effortless to examine music as per the choice without wasting time and energy. The more advanced your search facility is, the more people choose you for your services.

  • Inbuilt music player:
We have built our Spotify Script with an inbuilt music player that lets you play, pause, rewind, forward or replay the music of your choice. It also has various other functions that can be of help to your clients who are music providers and are serving music to the people on their demand.

  • Control enabled powers to admin:
The admin is capable of controlling the users on the platform. There is an extremely flexible panel of the script that is managed by the admin. The person has the full authority to regulate the listings of tracks listed by the music providers. Even the admin can decide the revenue model of the music portal. All the services are determined by the admin by which the users work on the platform.

If you are also an aspiring entrepreneur who is dreaming of starting up with your music platform just like Spotify, you should opt for Spotify Clone as it is the most favorable option along with being entirely economical regarding cost. You just need to deploy the ready-to-launch music platform and get started within no time.