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By: ClonesCloud | March 08, 2018

eCommerce websites only target at gaining more number of visitors that turn into buyers on these platforms. eCommerce Website like Etsy, AliExpress, amazon etc is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they need to purchase anything that they need in their routine. Amazon has become the most preferred eCommerce website that has achieved high reputation in the market. Looking forward to this popularity, Amazon Clone Script has become the most demanded business option among the budding entrepreneurs throughout the world.

The success of any website depends mostly on the traffic that it gets across the web. There are two main types of traffic increasing methods:

a) Organic Traffic generation through tools like SEO techniques and URLs on your site.
b) Bringing the paid traffic on your site.

Let us now see the ways in which you can monitor the traffic over your eCommerce Website:

Understanding CRO:

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. This means that up-to how much extent can you convert your visitors to your customers. This is more beneficial than all the expenditure that you incur behind advertising and marketing. It carries within it the capacity to drive more traffic towards your website and in turn increasing the number of customers on your eCommerce Software.

This CRO can be practiced through Google Analytics. This is a tool by which you can keep a track of your website traffic. It even showcases in front of you the behavioral pattern of your visitors and your customers that they exhibit while scrolling your website. The best part of Google Analytics is that it is totally free to use. All thanks to Google!

Email - your most cost effective friend:
Emails are a way through which you can market your eCommerce business very effectively. It is even very pocket friendly. It does not cost you anything while you are conversing through emails with your customers or with your site visitors. It is believed that it has a potential to convert twice the number of customers compared to the traditional advertising campaigns.

Use SEO tools:
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a specially designed tool to increase the traffic on your eCommerce Script. This uses keywords to target the search results of the people when they search for something in particular. It catches the keywords that are typed by the visitors and matches them with the keywords that you have provided as an input and ranks your website in the top search results for the visitors to visit. This increases your traffic.

All the above described ways are the top notch formulas that will help you in driving more traffic on your Amazon Clone. You even need to monitor the same traffic and lead it in a positive way so that you can generate more customers through this. The main purpose of any business is to get more and more number of customers on a regular basis and earn huge heaps of profits. Our proficient Amazon Script is one in a million script that lets you use all the above mentioned tools to drive in and monitor the traffic on your eCommerce Php Script. Just get in touch with us at and turn your ideas of an eCommerce website into reality.